New features and fixes:

The following fixes and improvements apply to DashboardFox v11.5 Build

⚡️ New: MS Access database platform Added

⚡️ New: Default to top value in dashboard filters

⚡️ New: Allow non-super admin to register new apps

⚡️ New: Disable auto preview in builder option

⚡️ New: Support for Dremio ILIKE

⚡️ New: Data Tags

⚡️ New: Dashboard Filter reset method

⚡️ New: Increased character length for logins, datasource strings, passwords

⚡️ New: row_number() function support for ranking queries

⚡️ New: Option to hide Map hover tip

🐞 Bug Fix: Hover data box updates

🐞 Bug Fix: Subtotal interface fixes

🐞 Bug Fix: Grid to Chart drill down issue

🐞 Bug Fix: Datagrid Filter CSS fix

🐞 Bug Fix: Error exporting data from chart with date based X-axis

🐞 Bug Fix: Embed Widget not displaying JavaScript with data attributes

🐞 Bug Fix: Map Wizard CSS fix

🐞 Bug Fix: Session expiration fix

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