New updates and improvements to DashboardFox

🎉 New Updates: DashboardFox v11.2 Build

New Feature

A tremendous number of improvements and fixes in the latest DashboardFox update.

Improvement: App Builder Edit Table Owners and Alias

Improvement: Duplicate Report Types in App Builder

Improvement: Reorder Report Types in App Builder

Improvement: Quickly add multiple fields in App Builder

Improvement: View SQL Button in Composer

Improvement: SQL Error Reporting in Advanced Reports

Improvement: Guest Documents Interface Refinements

Improvement: Results prompt panel now shows multi-select checkbox lists.

Improvement: Dashboard filters that return 0 results for KPI visualization now display 0 instead of blank.

Improvement: Dashboard filter responsive wrapping when many filters are added.

Improvement: Adjusting Disabled Dashboard filters don't refresh the dashboard.

Bug Fix: Squashed many Guest User and Guest Documents bugs.

Bug Fix: Admin permissions list fixes for blank app list.

Bug Fix: Translation fixes for export dialog

Bug Fix: New Excel Columns Added in PostgreSQL On Excel/CSV Upload

Bug Fix: Drill-Down field Export Fix

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